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Involving many of Australia’s leading CFOs, our legacy is enhanced careers for the next generation of finance executives.​​

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Established by CFOs for the finance community, FEI offers the opportunity to invest in your future and enhance your career success in a supportive, professional and high-trust environment.

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Founded in 1968, FEI is the pre-eminent professional boutique organisation for CFOs and Senior Finance Executives in Australia

FEI offers a range of ways to get, and stay, involved:

Corporate & Individual Membership

Corporate & Individual Membership

One on One & Group Mentoring

One-on-one and Group Mentoring

The 19-year success of our Flagship mentoring program prompted demand for our Group mentoring offer.  Catering to different career points, both FEI mentoring programs are led by an impressive line-up of CFOs and underpinned by the FEI CFO Success Profile.

Outstanding Learning & Mentoring Programs

Outstanding learning & networking programs

All-inclusive membership options offer an attractive alternative to conference attendance - you get a high quality, curated program with the benefit of convenience.


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FEI Membership is no longer restricted to your senior team.

Explore our Mentoring + Networking & Events packages that deliver quality career and leadership development for your entire finance function, in a cost-effective and low-admin model.

Open to corporates of all sizes.

When you have a mentor, you are more likely to be satisfied, committed and successful in your career. Who’s yours?

  • Are you a finance leader seeking to develop your team?
  • Are you looking for a competitive edge in your own career?
  • Are you an HR leader supporting finance?

The FEI PAVE scholarship for aspiring female CFOs

"Challenged me to push beyond my comfort zone and be bolder in my interactions with senior leaders in my organisation. I left each session with a lot more confidence and clarity on how to approach certain situations.”


"[My Mentor] has been a most wonderful mentor throughout the year. I learnt so much from his wisdom and experience, and have implemented many aspects of what we discussed. My understanding of my role has grown immensely throughout this time.”


"Lunch went well – good engagement and participants enjoyed the context and style. Key aspect was the ability to Network.”


“Been an amazing program and met a couple of great professionals”

Finance Exec

“I gained from discussion on areas that I had little experience with – which helped to demystify them. I also benefited from the insight into the character of a successful CFO and from some clear guidance on what I needed to work on in terms of my career exposure.”


“I gained more confidence in my ability, a clearer direction of where I am heading and the benefit of having an inspirational mentor who was willing to share knowledge and wisdom with me.”


“I have had my first Peer2Peer FEI session today. I have also joined a number of FEI sessions during the year and have really found them very useful. The networking and the quality of sessions run by FEI are certainly of a very high calibre.”

Finance Exec

“What a great initiative, very pleased to be involved.”


“Well structured and balanced program with excellent topics and amount of pre-work. I'm extremely glad I was given the opportunity to be involved in the program.”


“An invaluable sounding board regarding development and career progression.”


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