FEI Sydney Lunch Program

Thu 08 Jun 2017
FEI Sydney Mentoring Launch with Alison Watkins.
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Thu 03 Aug 2017
FEI Sydney - Members, Mentors & Mentees Cocktail Event.
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FEI Melbourne Lunch Program

Thu 25 May 2017
FEI Melbourne Mentoring Program Launch - The CFO of the Future.
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Thu 15 Jun 2017
FEI Melbourne - Members, Mentors & Mentees Cocktail Event.
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FEI Brisbane Lunch Program

Tue 16 May 2017
FEI Brisbane Mentoring Launch—Q&A with Audette Exel, Suncorp.
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Tue 13 Jun 2017
FEI Brisbane - Members, Mentors & Mentees Cocktail Event.
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Creating the next generation of CFOs

FEI is a not-for-profit member association, founded in 1968 to be the association for CFOs and senior financial executives in Australia.

We focus on creating tomorrow’s CFOs through the FEI Mentoring Program. By attracting Australia’s top CFOs as mentors, nominated up-and-coming financial executives can be mentored under a world-class one-on-one mentoring program.

We also seek to share the knowledge and insights of Australia’s leading CFOs with the wider market through the FEI Growth Series where financial executives from mid-tier companies have access to CFOs from large companies at a series of intimate lunches.

We regularly facilitate peer networking in the finance industry with a series of lunches in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane where finance executives can learn and connect. The intellectual property from these lunches and other events are curated in our member-only knowledge hub, FEI Academy.

FEI Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program operates in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Experienced CFOs from major companies each mentor a rising financial executive from another company on a one-on-one basis for a year. In 2016/17 we have 66 mentorees in the program. The 2017/18 program will commence in April/May 2017.


FEI Growth Series

The Growth Series is for senior financial executives in mid-tier companies that are looking to increase their finance knowledge and expand their network. Over a series of 4 lunches these financial executives will have the opportunity to meet with their peers and hear from leading CFOs in the market. The 2016/17 program will commence in August 2016 and details will be released soon.

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