Mark Ward believes businesses are great by design, not by accident

A self-confessed observer and life-long learner, Mark Ward encouraged FEI Members and guests to remain constantly curious about business and to “think about things, try things, see what happens and recalibrate” at our Melbourne mentoring program launch.  The strategic advisor and Director for Bunnings, Reject Shop and Richmond Football Club believes that sustainable businesses happen by design and not by accident.

His tips for the practices that build sustainability:

  1. Get very clear on what your business needs to offer customers, and continually solve for that.
  2. Prioritise looking after your people – they will, in turn, look after your customers.
  3. Be yourself, that’s what people want from you as a leader.
  4. Make time for thinking and reflection, as that’s where the real work happens. Your boss owns a small portion of your calendar, you own the rest.  Avoid getting stuck in the “washing machine” and use the time after a meeting to review and plan – your phone can wait.
  5. Build belief in the business direction through storytelling – sharing the gems of success allows them to be perpetuated, and then improved upon.