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When you have a mentor, you're more likely to be satisfied, committed and successful in your career.  Who's yours?

In 2003, six of Australia's most prominent CFOs agreed to mentor each others' talented finance executives

The FEI Flagship Mentoring Program has since grown to have more than 70 CFOs from Australia’s largest organisations as Mentors.  A new Group mentoring program was added in 2022.​​

Feedback from our Alumni proves the FEI program’s sustained, if not increasing, relevance over time.

Many Alumni now hold CFO and other senior executive roles at Australia’s largest companies and credit the FEI program as instrumental to their success.

"The FEI program helped me to step into (a) broader and challenging role with confidence and presence.....(My mentor) was highly skilled at helping me delve into the deeper issues rather than the superficial ‘problem’............The FEI program is a unique opportunity and was one of the most valuable development opportunities in my career.  I grew personally and professionally, and my mentor has had an inspiring and lasting impact on my career."

Toni Hawkins
CFO​, Radian Energy

The FEI Flagship Mentoring Program is regarded as more valuable than other development programs by 89% of participants

FEI has mentored 800+ finance execs since our program's inception.  With a 90+% high-satisfaction rating, FEI Mentees report:

Greater Career Clarity

Greater Career Clarity

An external sounding board, access to tools such as the FEI CFO Success Profile, and a peer group of similarly-situated executives are powerful allies to help shape your thinking over the duration of the program.

Confidence Influencing Others

Confidence Influencing Others

With clarity, validation and more than a few 'lessons learned' comes confidence.  The FEI program is a safe place to be open, to take risks and to try new things with the support of your Mentor and peers.

More Effective Leadership

More Effective Leadership

Great people leadership is hard, but essential for senior roles.  In addition to learning from your Mentor, many of the FEI network and learning sessions that accompany the program focus on aspects of leadership.

FEI offers a Group Mentoring program in addition to its year-long one-on-one Flagship Mentoring program. Both progams involve leading CFOs but operate differently to cater to distinct career levels:

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FEI mentoring

The commitment and motivation of our Mentees is critical to the success of our mentoring progams. FEI programs suit:

Up-and-coming finance people who aspire to a senior role

Ambitious executives prepared to network for career advancement

People who understand the value of investing in themselves

Those who treat the program with high priority

FEI is committed to diversity of all types

In recognition of the current CFO gender imbalance and the proven benefit of mentoring in preparing women for executive positions, FEI has established the PAVE mentoring scholarship for females aspiring to the CFO role who may not otherwise have access to our flagship mentoring program.

FEI supports the careers of CFOs and Senior Finance Execs through:


Our mentoring programs are world class. Supported by Australia’s leading CFOs they have been designed to develop future top executives.


Our events, forums and tools tap into the depth of experience available in our extensive network.


We facilitate curated introductions between members to make building peer networks easy and effective.

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