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In a rapidly changing environment, there's never been a more important time to be connected to experienced finance leaders and market peers

FEI Members have the opportunity to hear from and interact with:

Leading Senior Executives

Leading Senior Executives

CFOs, CEOs, C-Suite and Directors

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts

On relevant and open-ended topics like leadership, strategy, sustainability and change

Each Other

Each Other

Networking opportunities are available for each event, including online

"I had the pleasure of attending the AGM and director break-out forum yesterday and wanted to pass on my thanks for offering such a session. This was my first time attending an FEI discussion, having only recently joined. I was certainly struck by the calibre of individuals involved. I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank Julie for her leadership as our breakout session lead. ”

David Blanch
GM, Business Analysis & Improvement, Rio Tinto

"The session today was brilliant. David Gonski is such an engaging speaker, what an incredible guest to have. I hope we can have an in-person event with him at some point in the future.”

                                        Chris Watson                                               Executive Manager, Financial Services, CBA

"Great session yesterday. A lot in there that resonated for me personally. Please extend my thanks to Nicole (Sorbara) – she shared simple takeaways through the whole discussion which is always useful.”

                                      Ellen Cox                                          Head of Commercial Governance, BoQ

“I would like to thank FEI for organising the webinar with Nicole. I found it very inspirational and informative.”

                              Jane Golyjbina                               Finance Partner, Transurban

“Just some brief feedback on the 'Get ready for the audit committee' workshop last week. It was a great format generally, but the break-out sessions were especially useful as I found it easier to ask questions and engage with a slightly smaller group. Very high calibre presenters, and attendees. Conducting such a workshop online works well, many thanks for organising.”

                                        Oliver Kazda                                            Head of Finance, IGLU


“That was another awesome session today. I thoroughly enjoyed the content – and was quite impressed to hear Wendy Pavey's insights. She really is a fantastic presenter and provided great tools/techniques to connect my actions to my personal brand.”

Joshua Hayward
GM, Internal Audit, EnergyAustralia

“A fantastic session with David Gonski today. It was really incredible – I took so many notes and learned so much. ”

                                      Greg Braddy                                       Deputy CFO, NAB

FEI is not a technical institute

Our learning program concentrates on executive-level thinking through its breadth and its focus on topics involving ambiguity and judgement. We also include workshops directly addressing career development.  Most events are included in FEI Membership.  Some events are open to non-members for a fee.

FEI Learning is designed around the skills required to be a contemporary CFO

FEI mentoring


As an association established over 50 years ago for the purpose of learning through networking, FEI prioritises the facilitation of robust and trusted professional networks.

All FEI forums (even online) have an optional networking component.

Some events (our Peer2Peer roundtable events, and in-person events for instance) involve curated groupings to make productive networking easy.

We offer a series of Rel8 networking lunches for the alumni of our Flagship mentoring program - former Mentees, and their Mentors lunch with three other pairs from various cohorts, expanding everyone's networks.


Psychometric assessment

Learning and development becomes highly tailored and effective with an understanding of where you are today, and where you're headed.

FEI has developed the FEI CFO Success Profile to guide aspiring CFOs and senior finance executives on the capabilities we believe are required as a contemporary CFO.  We have worked with our assessment partner, Aon Assessment Services, to develop some tailored psychometric assessments to help you understand your relative performance strengths and weaknesses against that profile.  The Shapes Work-related Behaviour Assessment is underpinned by the Success Profile competencies, and our FEI 360-degree Feedback tool measures them directly.

Our customised assessment tools and discounted pricing are available exclusively to FEI Members.

FEI supports the careers of CFOs and Senior Finance Execs through:


Our mentoring programs are world class. Supported by Australia’s leading CFOs they have been designed to develop future top executives.


Our events, forums and tools tap into the depth of experience available in our extensive network.


We facilitate curated introductions between members to make building peer networks easy and effective.

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