Who’s in our network

FEI is relevant for:

Mentoring in our flagship mentoring program is by invitation.  You might also be interested in joining for your own professional development and network.

FEI offers excellent value for the career development of your senior team.  FEI Foundation membership is a cost effective alternative to conference attendance for learning and networking. 

Senior Finance Executives
Invest in your career development through the FEI network.  Participate with high calibre, like-minded finance professionals who are invested in the future.

FEI offers excellent value and is a meaningful source of CPD.  Plus it is a great network to be part of.

Consultants working with Finance
FEI is not a business network, and we are entirely unsponsored. So we are not the place you will find your next client or promote your business.  

But if you respect our ethos that we exist to learn and you wish to learn alongside your finance colleagues, we welcome providers as FEI Foundation Members.

HR Professionals Supporting Finance
We love to connect with the HR Professionals who support the career development of finance teams.

If you have an inquiry about how we could work with your organisation, please be in touch. FEI offers excellent value, is a meaningful source of CPD and a great alternative to conferences. While we are an individual member organisation, we can manage membership policies on behalf of corporates.

FEI Members come from a wide range of organisations: