Don’t worry, be happy

Turns out that could be the mantra for the modern CFO with around four out of five describing themselves as optimistic about their prospects. Just 4 per cent describe themselves as pessimistic. Deloitte’s most recent sentiment survey of local CFOs finds plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

CFOs in the digital driving seat

McKinsey article on why CFOs need to step up and take control of their enterprise’s digital finance strategy. Identifies where the low hanging fruit is, and why robotic process automation and intelligent analytics can’t be ignored.

Scaling soft skills

The rise of AI and robotic process automation are challenging the human domain of hard skills. Anything that is codified can in theory be computerized. What’s harder is to automate humans’ soft skills – but are we at risk of losing them in our busy tech-fuelled lives?

Inequality cripples demand

Rising inequality is weakening aggregate demand according to Stephen Bell and Michael Keating. The political impact of the haves and have nots is already being witnessed around the world – but it seems that there is an economic impact also. Just because the rich are getting richer, it doesn’t mean they are propping up demand – companies need to be aware of the shift.

Does bad hire mean quick fire?

Only about one on five of new hires are considered entirely successful. Yes they may look good on paper and interview well – but are they that good when they get their feet under the desk? Some strategies for dealing with personnel challenges.

From the vaults

Procrastination can get the better of us when it comes to a difficult task, or challenging conversation. Take a leaf from a surfer – every time they get up on a wave, they know they are going to end up in the water. But they do it anyway.

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