• 28May
    Richard Jamieson, CFO, Vicinity Centres - FEI CFO Mentor

    Richard Jamieson

    How far out can a CFO plan, given the pace of change at present? Realistically it's difficult to plan in detail more than 2-3 years out - depending on the industry. Technology and the competitive...
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  • 16May
    Alistair Bell, CFO, Graincorp

    Alistair Bell

    How is the CFO role transforming? In short, from steward to strategist. With the emergence of technology, increasing cross-border business complexity, and uncertainty with global economics, regulatory and activism comes the speed of information and...
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  • 15May
    Alistair Bell

    Allan Tait

    Any lows? With hindsight, my decision to take on the CEO role at a major law firm was not my best career move. Individually lawyers are terrific people but as a group they are difficult...
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