• 21May

    Mentor of the Month: Mark Ashby, CFO, Finspec

    Why do you mentor? One of the greatest sources of satisfaction I received as a CFO was to see individuals develop. Three of my previous direct reports are CFOs of public companies and it is...
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  • 24Sep
    Richard Stephens, CFO, ALS - CFO Mentor

    Richard Stephens—CFO, ALS

    What has been a career high? I have been fortunate to work for a number of great organisations, but the highlight for me has been my involvement in funding the growth and expansion of ALS...
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  • 10Sep

    Brendan Gill—CFO, Cleanaway

    Any lightbulb moments about what it takes to be a successful CFO? It’s about taking chances and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.  There will be times you don’t know something and that’s fine.  It’s...
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  • 28May
    Stuart Hutton, CFO, Orora Limited - FEI CFO Mentor

    Stuart Hutton—CFO, Orora

    And your education? Swinburne University - Bachelor of Accounting What has been a career high? Completing the demerger of Orora from Amcor and our journey since. Any lows? Do the diligence on “who” you will...
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  • 28May
    Paul Binfield, CFO, Nufarm Limited - FEI CFO Mentor

    Paul Binfield

    What do you expect to be your biggest challenge in 2018?  As a Group, Nufarm’s biggest challenge is going to be the successful integration of a couple of European acquisitions that we undertook towards the...
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