The CEO wants a CFO who’s ahead of the curve

What do CEOs want, demand even, from their CFOs?  FEI asked former CEO, leadership consultant, and author Hamish Thmson this question.  Included in his range of insightful tips was to “be ahead of the curve”.

According to Hamish:

Exceptional leaders are in a state of constant dissatisfaction. They are never content with the status quo. They lead versus manage, shape versus react, show versus tell and fix before breaking. It is not reckless abandonment of what is working. Simply, a relentless search for transformational improvement (CFO Magazine).

A consistent agitation against contentment can result in a CFO who is a step ahead of the pack.  However, Hamish cautioned FEI members not to “confuse motion for impact”.  On any particular issue or transaction, CFOs, and their finance teams, should be seeking to always:

  • Assist;
  • Add-value; or
  • Accelerate

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Hamish’s book, “It’s not always right to be right, and other hard-won leadership lessons”, can be purchased from all good book stores, or directly from his website